A Usable Cost of Service



Results can be traced back to their respective inputs and calculations



Designed to be used by utility staff, commissions, and stakeholders



Reduces regulatory lag by automating the work of a team of analysts

A bellaWatt Cost of Service

With modern technology, a Cost of Service study can be the useful tool it was always meant to be

  • verified_userA single, central system that is available 24/7 with daily backups
  • verified_userClearly defined user roles differentiating staff and consultants from the commission and stakeholders
  • verified_userExcel-like interface that allows users to copy/paste into and out of the platform
  • verified_userFully automated error-checking for all calculations, with associated error warnings
  • verified_userAbility to compare across studies by simply opening a new browser window
  • verified_userCharged as small monthly installments, with no fee to get started
  • verified_userOngoing updates and improvements included

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We've Done This Before

The team behind bellaWatt's platform has built numerous Cost of Service and rate design models for electric utilities.

We have also built a budgeting application for the US Department of Energy. The original process was driven by Excel spreadsheets - just like today's Cost of Service models - with 80+ people sending large files across 10+ nationwide locations. We redesigned the workflow into a streamlined data collection and reporting web application that integrated seamlessly with their existing processes.

The electric industry is changing.

Renewables are grid-viable, outdated infrastructure needs repairs, and EVs are becoming ubiquitous. The challenge of setting fair electricity prices is more pertinent than ever and consumers, market participants and electric utilities are demanding fairness.

Bellawatt can help you understand the cost to serve the next generation of the grid.