Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the utility structure. However, all options include full reporting and calculation capabilities for an unlimited number of users.

What about onboarding fees?

Free. We are so confident that you will not go back to individual Excel files that all setup fees are covered, no matter how complicated your existing model may be. We will even upload multiple studies if you would like to compare current approaches to historical results.

What about training fees?

None. We will provide a thorough walk-through of the product - including all functionality - during the first month, and will send notifications when new features are implemented. In addition, our team is available anytime to answer any questions you may have.


But we need consulting services, too.

We have consulting partners that we have worked with personally who are familiar with our product. We are happy to introduce you to our partners at your request.

How do we get started?

We are currently manually on-boarding each new user, so get in touch with us view our Contact page.

Is our data secure?

The team behind bellaWatt has also built a budgeting web application for a department within the US Department of Energy. To put it simply, we are employing identical measures here.

What about X feature?

Our development team is internal and therefore we regularly release new features. If there is anything you would like to see us build next, please reach out to directly.

What about calculations other than Cost of Service studies?

If you and your team are tired of using an onerous spreadsheet for an existing business process, let us know and we may be able to help you out.


Who are you?

We are coders, engineers, energy consultants, and utility experts. Every single person on our team has either walked the halls of a utility, or contributed significantly to a startup.

Our CEO has served as an expert witness in high-profile Cost of Service hearings and continues to work with utilities.

Eugene Granovsky

Eugene Granovsky

Have more questions? Speak directly with our CEO, Eugene Granovsky, via email at or phone at (847) 644-4447.